Thursday, April 27, 2006

Local Music: Heaven's Night

For the uninitiated Denverite, the local music scene contains every condition and genre of music. Funk, metal, rock, rap ...the works. There are many cover bands, and seemingly few bands using original material. What are the preferences for local afficiados? Some prefer Goth Night at the Church (1160 Lincoln, Sunday nights). This remodeled church/club is rated #1 on Yahoo! for dancing, is filled with long-time attendees, and newbs alike. Is the Goth scene in Denver dead or dying? According to some; both. Many of the coffee shops have sharply veered away from live acts. The local radio scene contains almost nil original music. Like an aging vampire, bored with eternal damnation; new blood would be in order.
This is where Heaven's Night enters the stage. New blood, four young "Angels" as they refer to themselves. Original music for the Denver scene infused into the decaying stream of 80's metal, and thirtysomething D.J.'s.
Heaven's Night was formed in September 2004 by four young local women. The original lineup included an Aussie, Texan, and two native Coloradoans. Heidi brought the band together with an advertisement in the excellent Westword online forum. Soon she had met Shonna, a bass player; Jen, drummer and aussie graphic artist/photographer; and Elisha, a film student and guitarist. Quickly they wrote an original set, and the rest is history as they say. Larimer Lounge, the late Pink E's, and other venues opened their doors to HN and to an appreciative audience.
Undead Denverite speaks with Heidi after a performance at Eck's Saloon (9890 W. Girton Drive, Lakewood), where Heaven's Night headlined. We discuss their early reception into the Denver original music scene.

Undead: How would you characterize the Denver music scene?
Heidi: "hopeful."

The band was well received, she goes on to say. Even though the acts they opened for were of many different genres and musical styles, they were eagerly consumed by hungry audiences. Partly because of their tag "Denver's all girl rock band"? Undoubtedly, but more because of their haunting and melodic style of music. "Eclectic!" said one fan at the Eck's Saloon perfomance.
Recently, the band has enlisted some new members. Laura, a drummer from Lakewood; and Hayley, a classically trained musician and student from Niwot. According to Hayley's Myspace blog, she plays the Guitar, sax, flute, bass, keyboard, didjiridoo, and triangle.

Undead: Heidi, what would you say your musical influences were, when forming Heaven's Night?
Heidi: "The music of the video game 'Silent Hill'. Also, Seether, Tori Amos, Tool, and Portishead."

Undead: Video game?
Heidi: "Silent Hill. The music of Akira Yamaoka."

The bands name even originates from the "Silent Hill" video game series. Undead went on to ask more about HN's musical influences.

Undead: What kind of influences and backgrounds do the band members have?
Heidi: "Shonna was formerly in a hard, deathrock band. Haley is classically trained as a musician and Laura's background is drumming and from the hard genre's."

Undead: You mentioned the word "Genre" , what genre do you consider Heaven's Night?
Heidi: "Melodic rock, but it varies from Gothic to alternative."

Undead: What is your current favorite band, and why?
Heidi: "Probably Seether. Lyrically they really influence me. The way they layer their music, and their melancholy sound. Or the Offspring!" She smiles.

Heaven's Night: Heidi

Undead Denverite Speaking with Heidi of Heaven's Night, the self-proclaimed "All-Girl Rock Band". We are talking about the bands musical influences, and what's coming up for the "Angels" in the coming summer.

Undead: I understand you are also writing, and painting. What got you started in music?
Heidi: "I started young. My Mom had a piano and I couldn't keep my hands off it."

Undead: Your Music is dark, and some lyrics are a bit violent. Why the darkness in your music?
Heidi: "I have issues." Heidi laughs, then adds "I'm a deeply emotional person and I'm inspired by melancholy. The lyrics I write are about my frustrations."

Undead: Which of your songs is your favorite?
Heidi: "Bitter Snow."

Undead: Where do you see Heaven's Night a year from now?
Heidi: "I see a large following and a recording. Possibly touring?"

Undead: What is your dream venue?
Heidi: "Japan!"

Undead: I asked you earlier whom your favorite band was. Do you have a favorite local band?
Heidi: "Ten50Six. Also, Workhorse. They were really nice."

Undead: Where is your next performance?
Heidi: "Cervantes, on Welton street. On May 4th."

Undead Denverite attended a practice session of Heaven's Night. The music is indeed dark. A friend of the band attempted to describe the music but had a difficult time. The music is edgy and melodic. The piano actually adds a great deal to the character of the music. Some songs Heidi plays the guitar, others she simply sings or plays the piano/keyboard. Some songs are rhythmic and hypnotic, others like "Government Cheese" are simple and upbeat; even comedic. The majority of the songs could be classified as "Gothic", however Undead Denverite prefers not to label this bands music. Time will define Heaven's Night, and they are a welcome "New Blood" for the anemic Denver music scene.

See Heaven's Night open for King's X at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, 2637 Welton Street, Denver. May 4, 2006

Musician, author, and part-time ghost hunted "duracles" spends his time researching exorcists and staying up late. duracles currently resides on the darker side of town in Denver, Colorado.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Welcome Undead. Hungry?

Welcome to my domain....
My sermon will cover the bestial howls of the dead in Denver and its satellites. Music be it hypnotic, thrashing or macabe or be it ready for the grave. The sermon will pierce the shadows of cinema. Visions of horrors to beautiful to behold will be witnessed and dissected for your consumption. Neglect not the carvings and shattering forms of Art in my realm. The wind will carry this ghoul over the burial mounds and cages of the damned. The Artists themselves will be examined on the torture table, and delectably peeled layer by layer until you know their innermost places.